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The Light of Osiris, and Deuteron: Oh my... Sent Tuesday, June 7, 2016 View as plaintext
HAND, SEND Everyone Wisdom
(that's a 'macaroni-see' Wednesday, backwards)
macaronic ostrich
Jim Morrison is the Lizard King, by the way.
A few days ago I sent out an e-mail titled "Expect the Unexpected," that detailed a sort of journey I went through ... walking through the story of Exodus as it might relate to leaving Earth.  This is of course... the dawning of the age of Aquarius. 
AD on... It's Stupid.
(but all the songs are about me)
to help... the light.  that's thor.
To infinity... and beyond.
That trip brought me to the Bahamas, where scenes like this made me stop and take pictures.  That little voice in my head also urged me to do so.  Seriously.  Above and below, I see clues that resource scarcity doesn't have much to do with the "Light of Osiris," which once had a very strong relationship in my mind to the picture below.  After this long journey, it seems more clear that the light is truth, and that's what's really scarce right now.... Seeing the light. 

Above you see Atlantis, guarded by three ships.  Atlantis is a metaphor for Heaven, a living one... built by a man named Solomon on an Island called Paradise.  This is a clear relationship to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, also a metaphor for Heaven.  You might see Christ's occupation, and the Free Masons as another metaphor... about building this Temple.  I'm a computer scientist, that's something like a carpenter.  I think there's an interesting story about a microcosm... of exactly what's happening right now... in "From Adam to Mary."

On the road to Adamaskus...

I just noticed that the little info graphic in "Expect the Unexpected" bears a striking relationship to the raven Noah sent out at the end of the flood... showing pigeons helping find this CMB radiation, which might be something like light.  Years ago now, back in 2014, I wrote a chapter of "n $ight of Creation" that discussed our "alternative energy"  industry and suggested it might be a "microcosmic metaphor" for advanced power generation in the future.  I related wind technology to harnessing the power of gravity, and suggested that there might be great light in the story of The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote... wrestling with a dragon.  It's probably worth noting that the Native American ideas relating to interaction with nature have been repeatedly highlighted as filled with wisdom... and passive power generation might be a key to making time less scarce.

Of course the power of the Sun, and Deuteronomy are related (and lo and behold, that stuff's heavy in Jupiter too), and I later saw a connection between the story of Noah's Ark and Pa-u-l-y Shore... through his name and Biodome.

While we are on the subject of shore, in the sign of Mars and my birth sign, which might just be another key to seeing symbolism in music... I see guidance showing the way to Heaven is forward, not back.

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, 

out of the land of slavery.

“You shall have no other gods before me.

Deuteronomy 5

Back is the bottomless pit.  For an explanation why, you might understand that in Back to the Future... the idea of just "grabbing an almanac" oversimplifies and glosses over the annihilation of the present. In "Time and Chance" there's a whole chapter about God's Glowing Y (the fluxx capacitor) called... The Letter Why."
L ' C H A I M    S A L U D    C H E E R S

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