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Taylor Momsen is my key... to finally getting a date. .. A message from the "Grinch." Sent Saturday, May 14, 2016 View as plaintext
I've been e-mail quite a bit, sorry about that--I'm in a bit of a rush to get this party started, seriously... yesterday was a good time for salvation to begin.  Meanwhile, I sent you a link to a video which focused on the artist below... I am not crazy, well not that crazy, it's not about me getting a date.  She is in fact a key, to seeing Creation in action.  

She's also a pretty fine segue into talking about the Light of the The Matrix, so I'd like to explain some of the nuances of the video, and heck... who knows... ​​​​​​​maybe I will get a date.
Taylor is the key... to me finally getting a date.
To see the Hand of God at work
Daftly maneuvering, the Lord Nero has carefully laid evidence of his influence in the themes and names of your favorite works of art.  

It's hard to see at first, but once it's pointed out things like The Wedding Crashers being a not-so-subtle reference to the Marriage of the Lamb... only in the context of the names of it's stars: Amy Adams and Rachel McAdams.  You follow the paths of some actors and actresses and find a hidden maze of light, that tells a story all its own.  For instance, Rachel brings us to About Time, and The Time Travelers Wife and I have quite a bit to say on the subject.  It's in the chapter of Time and Chance called "The Letter Why."
While we are on the subject of The Matrix and keys I'll also point out that the creation God "Anu" and Keanu link together a number of very topical films like The Matrix, The Devil's Advocate, Speed (ha!)... and also a name-like link to Eve, and Christ-opher Reeves ... which ties all the way back to "Pockets full of Kryptonite" and the very relevant connection between Jor-El and Noah.  Strengthened by the light of our Son, you will find that this connection between actors and modern religious themes is nearly ubiquitous.  I point it out a lot, but it's worth mentioning again... the book of Exodus is called "Names" in Hebrew, and it is a clear reference to the divine naming of things in Eden... which now brings me to Eve.

Before I stop rambling, I should mention there's a connection between Anu and El (the Hebrew short-name for God) in the Shehekiyanu.  

Say heck, I'm Anu.
the key is... I knew (vikeyamanu)
Lazarus has Hazel eyes... (lazman hazeh)
Samson's hair (<-- this is my favorite video)
and Isaac's laugh. (depicted below)
What you might not notice at first glance, is exactly what it means to be created.  In similar fashion to the links I've just described; we can follow Taylor's career and be astounded at the Matrix's linking of Dr. Seuss's "The Who's" to Dr. Who, the iconic phrase "Who-ah!" and of course the Ineffable Name of God.  Here's some independent "verification" that my pronunciation oft he Tettragrammaton is valid.  
Little Cindy-Who (who I am sure (?) has no idea who I am) then goes on to in her career path to link Little J on Gossip Girl to Jesus, which brings up the Hebrew name for the same... Yeshua: now stretching just a tiny bit to hear "Yes... who-ah?"

And of course realizing that this whole "who" business is really about seeing how obvious it is that on the planet Adamah it's Adam that the whole world is "supposed" to be looking for... at the time of the Second Coming.

Taylor has gone on from acting to start making some beautiful music, with lyrics that I can only say are ... more than inspired.  She is a prototypical example of the "actualization" of the myth of Nero fiddling with our minds from Heaven... as she sang quite a few songs that tie directly in with the Revelation I've received, and link to a number of details of my personal story.  This audible Matrix of Light ties together with some songs from The Spin Doctors (believe God is putting a spin on the story of the Second Coming) and Live's GAS hed goes west.

So, as Isaiah 52:13 says...

"I was set up, and had pockets full of high."

And the video above of course, is the prelude to the actual Trial of Jesus Christ... which is pretty much over by the way... you missed it.

Thank God the Crucifixion was a metaphor for well, brightly showing the world what to change.

Without further à deux ... the leaderboard:
I'm rooting for NASA though, they have 230 runners.  This will probably be the last e-mail for awhile, I need to get back to writing By the Force of Key Strokes.
P.S. Taylor, I'm sorry for picking on you... and I really love your music.
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